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Client only Page Policy

The Client Only Training Resource page is strictly for dog owners that have completed the training course at New Skete.

By registering a login you agree the following:

1. I will not share my login credentials with anyone, including but not limited to, family outside of your household, friends, co-workers, or organizations of any type.

2. I understand that the resources (text, photos, audio, and video) found on the client page are not part of my training package, and as such if I violate the policies of the Client Only Page, my privileges may be revoked.

Please note:  New Skete is a small monastery that supports itself with the work of its own hands and the generousity of a few donors.  No financial support is received from the national church.  Sharing the content of this Client Only Page creates financial hardship for the monastery.

If you are not a client of New Skete's dog training program, learn more about the  training programs offered at New Skete or by Marc Goldberg, Chicago Dog Trainer.com.